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About Athlefit

AthleFit is dedicated to providing a peerless experience in the fitness, leisure and sports support sector.

MULTINATIONAL OPERATIONS IN UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain & Iraq

As you might have guessed, our name is the combination of two words:
ATHLETE and FITNESS. These two words form the underlying premis of our business.

 We offer well-known Brands of equipment and services in all the sectors of the market including Hotel and Resort, Spa, Sport Club, Wellness & Fitness Club, Rehabilitation & Health, Residential, Corporate, Universities & Schools and Government & Military.

We are specialized in supplying and providing Gym Design, Fitness Equipment , Sport Equipment, Accessories , Indoor Flooring, Outdoor Flooring, Gym & Fitness Management Software, Spa Solutions, Furniture, Lockers, Smart Lock, Lighting Services, Maintenance, Installation, Consultation, Recruitment, Branding, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Creative Advertising, Web & App Development to the fitness, leisure and sport facilities in Gulf Countries



Our range of specialised services, provide accurate and relevant information that will help you make smarter decisions.


We strive to be market leaders in the region providing innovative, efficient and highly effective fitness and sporting solutions.


We help you provide your guests the best fitness services from on-site exercise facilities with floor-to-ceiling windows and polished atmosphere to modern gym equipment that enable your guests to continue their regular fitness routine while on the road, with complete assistance.


Our spa solutions provide a personal recharging station that offers you an all-inclusive therapeutical experience with new-fangled jacuzzi, saunas, and steam rooms that help your guests enjoy an upscale spa experience during their stay.

Sports Clubs

With all you do to serve your diverse communities, you deserve a partner that is just as committed. We can offer you all-encompassing services for your club that include; expansive group fitness studios, swimming and restorative pools, dedicated sports courts and full-service restaurants.


Whatever your exercise goals, Athlefit Health and Fitness will help you achieve them by offering a motivating, fun exercise environment and a wealth of expertise through qualified and friendly staff. 


Athlefit Rehabilitation and Healthcare solution has a commitment to providing high-quality care to our residents with an exceptional team of skilled professionals. You’ll feel like home by making our residents feel as safe and comfortable as possible.


We help you provide your customer the highest quality fitness equipment placing customer experience and product innovation at the heart of what we do.


Corporate fitness programs are healthy lifestyle programs for employees to enhance employee productivity. It is a great way to organize a corporate wellness program which is both fun and engaging at the same time.


We specialize in offering high quality fitness equipment for middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities. Our customizable designed equipment will provide schools with the most enjoyable workout experience.


We specialize in providing quality commercial fitness, exercise, and gym equipment. Athlefit is dedicated to supplying the best exercise and fitness equipment available at affordable prices.

Our Partners

To ensure you get the most out of leading technologies, we've established strategic partnerships with world's leading companies.

ATHLEFIT is your trusted partner on the path of success from inception onwards.

ATHLEFIT will assist you in creating the space you envisioned for your fitness area; and help you manage and maintain it.

The best partner to keep you motivated, the most skilled to help you mentor and the expert to encourage you maintain.

Come join your partner ATHLEFIT in an unforgettable tour in the fitness and sport industry.


Your full service commercial fitness facility provider. 

Whether you’re looking for top of the line commercial equipment, lighter commercial-grade equipment, or something unique and innovative, we have it all.


We offer individualized gym design with incorporating the latest fittings, equipment and technology. 

Tech Support & Services

Our expert technical support team are ready to setup and ongoing help with all repair and maintenance tasks making sure that the fitness journey is unimpaired.


We provide state-of-the-art solutionns for the fitness industry incorporating a range of apps and new tech. From empowering athletes to monitor and track their efforts to allowing gym managers and trainers.

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Need Help?

Athlefit’ consultancy services include design and planning services, facility layout and equipment recommendations for an exist and newly planned health and fitness facilities. As a fitness facility operator, we select, train and supervise qualified Fitness Directors and all other fitness and wellness staff including personal trainers, yoga and aerobics instructors, special class personnel, and all other facility staff.