About Us

As you might have guessed, our name is the combination of two words: ATHLETE and FITNESS. These two words form the underlying premis of our business.

The Company

AthleFit is dedicated to providing a peerless experience in the fitness, leisure and sports support sector.

MULTINATIONAL OPERATIONS IN UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain & Iraq

We are specialized in supplying and providing Gym Design, Fitness Equipment , Sport Equipment, Accessories , Indoor Flooring, Outdoor Flooring, Gym & Fitness Management Software, Spa Solutions, Furniture, Lockers, Smart Lock, Lighting Services, Maintenance, Installation, Consultation, Recruitment, Branding, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Creative Advertising, Web & App Development to the fitness, leisure and sport facilities in Gulf Countries

We offer well-known Brands of equipment and services in all the sectors of the market including Hotel and Resort, Spa, Sport Club, Wellness & Fitness Club, Rehabilitation & Health, Residential, Corporate, Universities & Schools and Government & Military.


It’s a great honour to welcome you to Athlefit. Athlefit is a highly specialized sport and fitness strategy providing a competing long-term solution and technology-based services and products to lead the potential clients, consumers, commercial, wellness or E-commerce to accomplish premium result and extraordinary highlights tailored to satisfy their likes, dislikes and ensuring high quality and variety in accordance with cost effective choices Athelfit strives to accomplish its primary goal to have a positive difference and a footmark in the fitness industry through the provision of a truthful and credible business cooperation. Therefore, I proudly present and welcome you to the profile of Athlefit.


Founder & Director



We strive to be market leaders in the region providing innovative, efficient and highly effective fitness and sporting solutions. We will constantly aim to surpass our clients expectations. We believe in the continuous growth of health awareness in the region and the profound positive impact it has on the sports, fitness and well-being industry.


To support and assist the clients and customers in achieving their sustainable targets and goals by piloting a peerless experience of the most innovative fitness and sport solutions and services.


ATHLEFIT is your trusted partner on the path of success from inception onwards.

ATHLEFIT will assist you in creating the space you envisioned for your fitness area; and help you manage and maintain it.

The best partner to keep you motivated, the most skilled to help you mentor and the expert to encourage you maintain.

Come join your partner ATHLEFIT in an unforgettable tour in the fitness and sport industry.

Our Partners

To ensure you get the most out of leading technologies, we've established strategic partnerships with world's leading companies.